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First of all

E-Library Development

We design and develop e-libraries that offer comprehensive, up-to-date and easily accessible information to enhance learning.

books on brown wooden shelf
books on brown wooden shelf

Not to mention

Learning Resources Development

We create innovative and engaging learning resources that cater to different learning styles and promote a student-centered approach to learning.

Learning Facilitation

  • Mentoring, coaching, and training in the areas of academic writing, international relations and security, state relations, soft power statecraft and cultural diplomacy

  • Marking and grading services

And let's not forget

Course Design

We provide expert course design services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each institution and their students.

About us

APGF Education Group is the trading name of the Asia Pacific Global Foundation Ltd (Formerly Global Partnership and Development Ltd). It has been a trusted educational consultant since 2006, providing quality academic programs to institutions worldwide. Our team of experts is dedicated to enhancing learning through innovative solutions.

APGF was founded by Anita Abbott, a passionate educator and researcher. Anita holds a bachelor's degree in Science (Fisheries and Marine Science), master's degree in education (with Distinction) from Canterbury University, and Adult Teaching certificate from Christchurch College of Education. She achieved a PhD in Political Science and Public Policy at the University of Waikato. She is a progressive educator, drawing from years of experience working in higher education and vocational teaching, both in traditional face-to-face settings and in distance learning programs. Her career aspiration is to keep applying her teaching, writing, leadership and management skills in a manner that will provide the greatest value.

Anita is also the patron and chair of APSI Forum, a leading New Zealand think tank in strategic partnership and cooperation in International Relations. She teaches International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy at Charisma University, and Champion Institute. She was a research fellow at NATO Defence College. She regularly contributes to publications and is invited nationally and internationally for research projects and speaking engagements. Her research areas include strategic foresight analysis, strategic partnerships and alliances. She has published more than 40 articles. She has written four books. Her first book develops education sovereignty model in international negotiation. In her second book, published by Palgrave MacMillan, she uses Indonesia and several countries as examples of how negotiation works for maintaining sovereignty in education. Her two other books focus on the practice of strategic foresight analysis.

Work based training

Last but not least

We have trained many in the area of business and trades. Our trainees now have their own businesses.

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